A BrieHistoroPentucket Lodge


    In response to a petition by 15 Masons living in and around Chelmsford a Charter was granted for them to form Pentucket Lodge on March 9th 1807. Legend has it that the name of the Lodge was supposed to be Pawtucket and it was poor penmanship that earned us the title Pentucket.


    The early meetings were held in Phineas Whitings Tavern which stood on the site of the Frederick Ayer mansion. After two years they moved to Jonathan Fletcher's Hall, now called the Spalding House and Wor. Isaac Coburn received the Charter there in 1809. The large upstairs room in this house is still called Pentucket Hall.

    Pentucket's next home was at the Simeon Spalding house in Chelmsford Center, now called the Fiske house. It stands at the intersection of Rt110 & Rt129.



    Several other of Pentucket's early homes still exist. In 1834 at the height of the Anti-Masonic fervor Pentucket's Charter was surrendered and it wasn't until 1845 that it was restored.In 1872 Pentucket along with our brother Lodges moved into a new home erected by Hocum Hosford and remained there until the Pollard fire of 1926.

    Pentucket along with the other Lowell Lodges erected a new building which they have occupied since 1929.


    Here are some of our early homes:

    Spalding House1809-1816
    Simeon Spalding Hall 1816-1819
    Balch and Coburn Hall 1825-1827
    Masonic Hall ( Georges Textile )1827-1834
    Wentworth Hall 1845-1853
    Masonic Hall ( Nesmith Building ) 1853-1872
    Masonic Temple ( Hosford Building )1872-1926